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Boring Conversation: A Malifaux Podcast

Jun 13, 2022

In this episode Jesse, Jake and Adam are joined by Doug and Brandon from the Danger Planet Youtube page to recap a recent local tournament, held at Off The Wall Games in Hadley, MA.

Today's drinks:

Jesse - Peppercorn Rye Bock

Adam - Mango Bubbly

Jake - Kettlehead Brewing House Margarita

Doug - Spindrift Grapefruit + Red...

Apr 5, 2022

In this episode Jesse invites on Adam and Jake to talk about the upcoming draft league, organized by Kyle of Schemes and Stones fame.  We talk about our draft picks, matches and predictions on how our games will shake out.

Today's drinks:

Jesse - Allagash White followed by Jameson

Adam - Polar Lime Seltzer

Jake -...

Mar 6, 2022

In this episode Jesse invites on Adam, Jake and Maeve to discuss their experiences at CaptainCon and the evolving meta now that Malifaux Burns is in full effect.

Today's drinks:

Jesse - Dublin City Brewing Irish Stout

Adam - Sad tears of a clown

Jake - Water (foreshadowing)

Maeve - Mountain Dew

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Jan 3, 2022

In this episode Adam discusses the results of a recent 3 round tournament with Jesse and Jake attended in Peabody, MA and hosted by Battlegrounds Games and Hobbies.  Get ready for a little dash of salt in this one, folks!

Today's drinks:

Jesse - Mayflower Thanksgiving Ale 2021

Adam - Coquito

Jake - Leaf Brewing Brown...